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Disertasi yang Ditulis untuk Memenuhi Sebagian Persyaratan dalam 
Mendapatkan Gelar Doktor Ilmu Ekonomi 
Sidang Terbuka, 12 Januari 2016 


Well-being is the orientation of development. Well-being measure is often equated with the material position of a country, whether measured by the gross domestic product (GDP) and human development index (HDI). Whereas the success of development encompass all aspects especially the happiness which is the subject well-being. This study aims to look at the effect of the development and practice of Islam towards happiness in Indonesia. Development variables in this study is represented by RGDP per capita, Poverty and Human Development Index (HDI).Varibel Islamic religious practice is approached from the principal dimensions of Muslims practice the five pillars of Islam which consists of the creed, prayer, alms, fasting and pilgrimage as well as partnerships (muamalah). The data used in this research is secondary data, using data provided by the BPS, the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Bappenas and other agencies competent. The population in this study was 33 (thirty-three) provinces in Indonesia, and all the population used as the unit of analysis using path analysis approach. The study found that the practice of the Islamic religion directly affects happiness in Indonesia, while the human development index has indirect influence on happiness in Indonesia because of having to go through the variable practice of Islam in Indonesia. RGDP per capita variables proved to have no effect on happiness in Indonesia, both directly and indirectly. While poverty through religious practice Islam also proved to have no effect on happiness in Indonesia. The study recommends that the principles of Islam in development in Indonesia should be applied in order to really be able to achieve welfare (well-being) and the balance between spiritual and physical. The values of Islamic religious practice that can be used as the basic capital construction because it is universal and to ensure the benefit of all (rahmatan lila'alamin). 

Keywords: RGDP per capita, poverty, HDI, Islamic religious practice, Happiness Index. 

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